House Origami

Mas, Bali
450 m²

Origami House comprises of a ‘folded’ Pavilion structure articulating the confluence of interior and exterior, textures and craft. The main pavilion structure is complemented with various cubic volumes connecting to it in all directions, standing on a seemingly solid plinth with a cozy pool carved into it. the pavilion provides shelter from heavy tropical rain and blazing sunlight, while enabling a full, unobstructed view of the lush, surrounding jungle and rice fields. The pavilion is a wood cladded space truss made of steel and decked with traditional teak wood shingles.

Different cross-sections of cantilevering A-frames create a sequence of folding surfaces that give the ceiling its geometric character. The roof shelters communal activities and designed as a place of gathering. Under the stone covered concrete base of the first floor, one finds 2 bedrooms, the lower double height 'loft'-like living room, and a separately accessed studio, more deck spaces and garden flowing alongside a winding creek. The 3-dimensional distribution and orientation of spaces seek to maximize privacy for each room and space offered in the residence while providing different spaces of gathering and other activities.

Nearly all surfaces are cladded with ‘Bali Green'; a type of strongly textured sand stone. Diagonally cut and mirrored stone plates create an articulated texture for floors and walls to reflect the folded ceiling planes of the pavilion. Recycled teak wood and iron wood floors were embedded into the stone floors at areas of resting and playing.To emphasize the sensation of open living, the facade can be vastly opened at convenience, to enjoy open space surrounded by palm trees in a lush tropical forest.