This mixed-use, campus-esque arrangement holds a residential house, studios and shared spaces. The formal language is influenced by traditional Balinese temple entrances, oriental roof silhouettes, and split gateways architectural elements.

The formal language of the roof seeks to combine the different elements into one composition. The warped and bent underside ceilings embrace the beauty of flying roofs and bring light into the interior spaces in different ways and different times of the day.

Medewi Resort

Off the ground series of mini towers assembling into a singular resort with elevated connective pathways leading down to the beautiful black sand shores of Medewi.

Arabica Shenzen

International Japanese coffee brand ‘Arabica’ Coffee shop location nested within the undercroft of steel pedestrian bridge in Shenzen’s Coco Park complex, China. The design is based on articulating an ambitious spiral stair case structure function as the coffee shop’s primary seating area.

House Puri-Bukit

Project photographed by KIE

This 4 Bedroom structure overlooks the landscape of rolling hills of southern Bali. Carefully selected reclaimed woods and locally sourced sand stone creates a structure that reformulates traditional Asian building styles with a contemporary approach on architecture and craftsmanship. The building seeks to capture the panoramic sea front view through an extensive shared living space that continues out to a landscaped garden with a swimming pool.

House Aperture

Project Photographed By KIE

House Aperture is made of reused wood and glass. Shutters, sliding glass doors and curtains make this box versatile in its atmosphere and interior climate. All four sides are similar, enabling multi-directional air flow across the space.

House Mundo

This project explores the idea of having a column in the corner, but not. With a form of arboreal-esque bespoke column design embodying the appearance of an array of trees holding up a canopy altogether.
The interstitial spaces between the pavilion structures are demarcated with arches creating a kind of gateway interlinking the pavilions, abstractly alluding the spatial characteristics of a traditional Balinese compound. The project takes reference from Louis Kahn’s un-build project.

House Carbon

Project Photographed By KIE

Located on the very southern tip of the island of Bali, this vacation getaway thrones at about 150 meters above sea level. Ready to face high wind speeds and rain, as well as hot summer days, the roof is a composition of folded planes that frame the breathtaking view over the Indian Ocean.

The house is comprised of four bedroom suites and a loft-like studio space that seamlessly blends the interior with the exterior. A large portion of the roof extends towards the outside, resting on stone cladded walls and spanning over pool and deck areas to provide shade and enhance the overall architectural experience.

Bond House

The cross is one of the oldest symbols found in the history of mankind. Embedded within it is a formal intersection between horizontal and vertical elements.House K is designed through interplay between horizontal and vertical volumes, establishing its position in relation to its delicate location on a descending riverside plot of land. 

The primary volume of the house relies on its horizontal span, while a smaller, central volume is extending towards the riverbank. Thus, Through consideration of the geometric qualities of the cross, we attempted to limit the vertical footprint of the house as it descends closer to the river, leaving the majority of the plot adjacent to the river, virtually untouched. The house is composed of two separate loft spaces that brace the pool and lounge area on the first floor and a private quarters, spa and grotto are found in the level below.