House Enclave

Towering over gentle slopes of Southern Lombok island in Indonesia, this structure seeks to capture the breath-taking panorama over a vast valley and the ocean shoreline.

Extracting topographic lines from the contours of the hill, we were exploring the possibility making the most reductive piece of organic approach to architecture that would seamlessly blend into it’s environment. Four simple suites and a fast living space continue out into the adjacent deck which precedes a striking infinity pool, reflecting the sky and therefore Setting a surreal scene for memorable experiences.


Proposal for a mixed-use development dedicated to the theme of ‘The new hostel’.

Efficiency as sustainability was one of the major credos for our architectural decisions. Overlaying shared spaces led to a series of interesting floor plans where high density lead to both formal and informal places of gathering.

Passive cooling through big voids stimulated the places of rest, reducing the energy consumption of the structures.The building mass stores air conditioning spaces and open spaces regulate themselves through cross ventilation.

Density liberates the ground plane for more outdoor areas. The stack of program provides big open space with sea views. The high stack also catches breeze, and as the site is oriented east-west we took special care to arrange both program and building shape according to maximum self shading.

The recreational areas between ‘loud’ and ‘silent’ programs were designed as a blend of different levels, nooks, corners – little plazas and meeting spots

House P

House P explores the notion of a house as a dramatic roofscape, both form exterior and interior perspectives. Flanked by two wings consisting of private quarters, the loft style living room is defined by a large canopy made of steel and claded with wood. In this regards the roof attempts to define the interior as whole while seamlessly framing the tropical landscape in which it is placed.