Bali Tennis Club

The tennis club’s main building acts as a spine for spectators alongside two red clay tennis courts – one of them sunken. under the main deck one finds all supportive program such as showers, lockers, bathrooms, kitchen, office and storage spaces. the building is structured into 2 different languages – the lower floor being the utilitarian solid base, rendered in brick, and the 3 connected A-frame bridge structures connecting to the upstairs roofs. The overhang of each bay become the arches – those are supported with rafters, spun of a cautionary truss hung between each of the A-frames. From the south the building appears entirely as a single story building. The bowing arches, and the expressive tips of the models resemble into a building with a lot of movement –  a series of ballistic trajectories is one of several images abstracted in this efficient and rhythmic design.

The Square

the square is a hub of various programs situated in a suburb of Ubud. The 7 buildings hold retail, hotel, apartment and recreational spaces. The conceptual idea is to mimic the vertical organisation of a tropical forest – shrub – trunk – crown to emphasize different atmospheres. Like a tree all buildings have a small footprint, then taper outward and merge the overhang of the roofs with the first-floor slab. In the created in-between spaces, one finds circulation, terraces and loggias.