We embrace ancient architecture and follow our fetish for clean lines.

The semi arch is blurring borders – another find on the pursuit for tectonic stories.

This is part of a competition we contributed to for a resort development on a Balearic island.

Kim Womens Center

Architecture for awareness!
Kim Womens Centerwas founded by Ibu Sari, a passionate lady whose mission is to help the ones that no one wants or struggled because they’re being treated unfairly.

They cook and do caterings, so they have been delivering food to our studio and over time the team got closer to them. They need a new building so they asked us– we did design a happy bamboo one! Why?
Because Architecture has the power to create awareness- and of course shelter, which is what they need above all.

We hope that many people will go there to get to know those women, kids and girls and boys. They cook fabulous food, runs a catering business to fund their community. The most delicious vegetarian food that we have tasted! Zero waste and beautifully garnished. They make cooking classes, workshops and talks, gatherings and tours. This bunch is creative and full of life- and they are really changing people’s mindsets and remind them what life is all about.

They will be organizing a fundraiser for this new and necessary building, So please stay tuned as we need everyone’s help to gather the cash to build this place!