Alchemy Potatohead

This small retail space is a renovated, repurposed parking garage, situated on the boardwalk to Seminyak’s famous Potato Head Beach Club in bali. The design seeks to draw the customer into this compact space by creating an optical illusion which exaggerates its actual depth. This is achieved by a warped wooden grill, or a wooden wave. A series of display shelves and fridges offer a rich selection of raw vegan smoothies, cold pressed juices, chocolates and other mouthwatering, healthy products. 

Alchemy Ubud

Alchemy Bali is the Island’s first 100% raw, organic and vegan restaurant. It was established as a place for transformation in 2011 by a group of conscious, creative, live food enthusiasts. Alchemy’s vision is to honour mother nature, promote healthy sustainable living and support and to offer a space of inspiration and community.

The existing restaurant was situated in a concrete building in the main road of Penestanan, Ubud. Through our design renovation, the existing building was completely opened and extended with a newly built, 2 level structure on each end. Recycled telephone poles were used as pylons, from which the load of the second level deck and roof are suspended. Tiered Alang Alang thatched roofs provide sufficient openings for air circulation while sheltering from sun and rain. A minimal amount of material was used in the building extension through the use of pre-stressed and tensile building components.